Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I recently received a note by one of the followers of my blog, Mr Matt of Mr Matt Pieroni (Per-Row-Knee) who has an amusing blog that chronicles his views on education and his experiences in the classroom all the while encouraging his readers to “Become Your Dream.”

I enjoy reading his blog and was pleasantly surprised when I was nominated by him for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. As a relatively new entry to the world of blogging and not sure if anyone out there really hears me, I was encouraged to know that at least one person besides my husband enjoys my musings on education.

So here is how this award works – and thank you again, Mr Matt, for the nomination –

1. Copy and place the award in your post. – check!

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. – check!

3. Tell 7 things about yourself. – check!

4. Nominate fellow bloggers you feel are deserving of the award, tell them by posting a comment on their blog. – check!

My Nominees Are:

Play At Home Mom – a great place to learn about how important play is in the lives of children.

Teacher Tom – if I had to send the Jibbers to school, I would want Teacher Tom to be his teacher.

Teach Preschool – I just love the ideas that are shared on educating children in a preschool setting.

Better After – who does not love a good DIY before and after?

Hijabi Footballer – I don’t always agree with her, but I love her love of soccer and all things related.

Azzure – An interior designer who blogs about loving all things beautiful, and finding beauty in everything – a beautiful mix of east and west.

Tumblweed Infant House – I just love their take on educating the young-ins.

Child and Nature – It helps me understand the importance of nature in our lives.

I know there are more blogs that inspire me and others, I am sure. These were the ones that came to mind for now…perhaps I’ll add to the list.

7 Things about Omaira of black board, white chalk.

1. All the while, when I was growing up I never wanted to be a teacher. Funny how life works.

2. I get giddy when I find some new and exciting research about education that is completely in line with what I know in my heart.

3. I absolutely love vintage, antique, eclectic with a mix of contemporary.

4. I am a lover of snow and winter, living in the desert of Arizona.

5. I never, ever thought I would become the wife of a Navy dude, especially as a Canadian. So glad I took the path less travelled.

6. In God I Trust is more than just a motto on coin for me, thank God.

7. Because I got in trouble so much in school, I work well with kids who are always getting into scrapes…I think.

Can’t thank Mr Matt enough for this vote of confidence!

~ by Omaira on February 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you so much for this post and getting in touch with me. I am thrilled to discover your blog and the others you have shared here. I am surprised that they are almost all new to me! Heading off to check everyone out now!!

    • Glad that you are intrigued by these blogs as much as I am. And I really enjoy all your posts and ideas. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Congrats again Omaira! Just going through you’re blog… loving your posts. Definitely inspiring 🙂

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