Erase me.

Dedicated to all the disenfranchised, oppressed, institutionally omitted children of the world.

I am a dream held back
I am a silent regret
I am a misty in your eyes
I am a part that was never realized
Erase me.

I am a mere inconvenience
I am a painful reality
I am an incessant reminder
I am a confession not being made.
Erase me.

I am cut and not pasted.
I am a document deleted.
I am an error quickly erased.
I am a project incomplete.
Erase me.

I am a fault.
I am a burden.
I am a mistake.
I am unforgiven.
Erase me.

I am a life extinguished.
I am a passion never ignited.
I am a need unheeded.
I am a light that went out.
Erase me.

I am a face unwashed.
I am the dishes in the sink.
I am laundry on the floor.
I am the dirt under the nails.
Erase me.

I am the homeless on the street.
I am the child uneducated.
I am what poverty held back
I am the vote not worth getting.
Erase me.

(c)  Omaira Alam 2015

~ by Omaira on August 8, 2015.

2 Responses to “Erase me.”

  1. Ma sha Allah, that was so moving, Sis. You really have a gift for words! In sha Allah, you will be sharing so much more of your work! ♡


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